Work at YMCA of Metro North Summer Camps

Summer Camp Staff

Interested in working at one of our summer camps? Fill out an application and send it in to us! Deadline is May 15, 2016. It is strongly recommended for candidates to communicate with the camp independently, without help of the candidates’ parent.

Please email or drop off applications to:


Already submitted an application? Now you’re a candidate! Thank you for your application and interest in becoming a part of Camps at the YMCA of Metro North! The search committee will review all applicants. You will be contacted between March 1 and May 31st if you are selected as a candidate for the position you’ve applied.


Interviews are sometimes meetings with our Camp Admin team, or fun and active group interviews with other candidates, camp-style! The type of interview will be marked on the interview invitation sent to you. Most candidates may be asked for a second interview. For interviews, you can expect 20 minutes to an hour and casual dress is acceptable. Interviews will be conducted in March, April, May and June.