Cause Driven Programs

LiveSTRONG at the YMCA

The YMCA of Metro North is proud to offer the LIVESTRONG program in our Torigian Family YMCA, Melrose Family YMCA and Saugus Family YMCA locations. For more information please contact Chris Tognazzi at ctognazzi@metronorthymca.orgRead More! 

Partnership Program

The Partnership Program is a recreational, non-clinical program designed specifically for persons with disabilities who are interested in a structured exercise program at the Torigian Family YMCA. For more information please contact Chris Tognazzi at  Learn More!

Healthy Kids Kitchen

The Lynn YMCA’s Healthy Kids Kitchen program instills healthy eating habits by providing hands-on nutrition education and healthy meals to youth. Watch Video! 

Enhance Fitness

Enhance Fitness is a slow paced, low impact class targeted toward Active Older Adults, especially with arthritis. This class includes cardio activity, balance training, strength conditioning, and ends with stretching and flexibility. Coming Soon to the Torigian Family YMCA! For more information please contact Chris Tognazzi at


Kaya at the Lynn YMCA is a youth program for youth ages 13-18 focusing on generating positive change in our community. Learn More!