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  • Barre

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Small Group Training

Program duration and rates:

Join one of our Small Group Nutrition & Fitness groups and learn the fundamentals of healthy nutrition and work out twice each week with your group. A certified nutritional therapist and personal trainer will kick start your journey to improved health and wellness.

The program includes 2 group workouts and 1 group nutrition session each week for 4 weeks
$250 for Members
$350 for Non-Members
Bring a friend and save 10% Bring a friend and save 10%

For more information, please contact Bernadette Farrell at

21-Day Nutrition Reset

January 30-February 19

The lecture and the in-body testing will be held on Tuesday, Jan 24 at 10am at the Total Wellness Studio. Please pre-register and attend to participate.
The group will meet at the Total Wellness Studio on:
January 21 at 7pm
January 31 at 7pm
February 7 at 7pm
February 14 at 7pm

Program Includes:

  • List of approved foods and foods to eliminate
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Recipes
  • Private Facebook group
  • Private email support

Members: $60
Non-Members: $110
Class Meetings will be held at the Stoneham Total Wellness Studio

For more information, please contact Olga Arnold at

Nutritional 1-on-1 Counseling

Our 1-on-1 nutritional counseling is designed to address your bio-individual needs, focus on your specific nutrition-related concerns, and set you on the path to optimal health, increased energy, improved mental outlook, and a better relationship with food.   Our 6-week program includes an in-depth nutritional questionnaire, food journals, and personal interview to discover the root causes of your nutritional imbalances.  We then develop a plan specific to your needs and help you on your journey to improved health.

This program is ideal for addressing:

  • Sustainable weight management
  • Digestive issues
  • Lack of energy
  • Food intolerances
  • Detoxification
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Hormone balancing
  • Pre-natal and post-partum nutrition
  • Inflammation & pain
  • Sports nutrition
  • Mood stabilization
  • Improved mental outlook

The program includes (4) 1-on-1 sessions over 6-weeks

$280 for Members
$380 for Non-Members

For more information, please contact Olga Arnold at

Monthly Support to Program Graduates

Graduates of our 1-on-1 Nutrition Counseling, Small Group Nutrition & Fitness, and 21-Day Nutrition Reset programs are all eligible to participate in our on-going monthly support sessions.

Support Sessions will:

  • Cover a different topic each month
  • Focus on a topic announced prior to the talk
  • Include handouts
  • Program duration and rates:

1-hr event each month
$10 per session regardless of membership

*Please note: this offering is only available to graduates of our 1-on-1 Nutritional Counseling, Small Group Nutrition & Fitness, and 21-day Nutrition Reset programs.

For more information, please contact Olga Arnold at

Monthly Nutrition Talks

Our monthly nutrition talks designed to help you cut through all the hype and return you to a more traditional approach to nutrition. Our approach emphasizes nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods. Our talks will include many helpful hints that you will find beneficial in your day-to-day nutritional needs.

Talks will include:

  • New topics each month
  • Handouts at each event
  • Program duration and rates:
  • One-hour event each month
  • Free for Members!

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FREE monthly programming to the community!
FREE monthly nutrition seminars to the community!

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For more information about the  Total Wellness Studio please contact: Olga Arnold at

Stoneham Total Wellness Studio | 39 Pleasant St Stoneham, MA