Metro North YMCA Tritons Swim Team Overview

Swim Team Overview

Mission Statement: The Metro North YMCA Swim team is dedicated to help swimmers improve their times and achieve their goals while instilling in them the core values of the YMCA.  The Team teaches that swimming can not only help you physically, but will also be your teammate in life giving you the motivation and dedication to tackle any obstacle.

When a child joins a swim team, the whole family joins the swim team. The time and energy required by the swimmer and family is considerable. However, the lesson and rewards can be priceless and lifelong. This page is designed to familiarize swimmers and their families with the expectations that are associated with being on the swim team.

Metro North Swim Team is a competitive program offered by the YMCA of Metro North at the Lynn Family, Melrose Family, and Torigian facilities. The team incorporates all of the YMCA philosophies promoting Honesty, Responsibility, Caring, and Respect while developing a healthy spirit, mind, and body. The program is offered to children ages 6-18. Eligible swimmers must be able to swim front crawl and back crawl for the length of a 25 yard pool without stopping.

The coaching staff strive to provide opportunities for young athletes to learn life skills, to develop character and to learn as much about the sport of swimming as the swimmer wishes. On the Metro North Swim Team we strive to:

  • Provide a fun and enjoyable environment for all athletes
  • Demonstrate that competition and being part of a team is fun
  • Provide an opportunity for personal and social development
  • Teach responsible aquatic and team based behavior
  • Teach swimmers to be respectful of coaches, club mates, competitors as well as themselves
  • Model good leadership skills and encourage healthy leadership opportunities
  • Meet each child’s level of commitment and ability
  • Provide tools to all athletes to excel in the sport
  • Introduce and foster young people in competitive swimming
  • Encourage lifetime involvement in physical activity and healthy living


Swimmers are expected to show respectful and responsible behavior while representing the Metro North Swim Team. This includes practices, meets and all team related functions. The following behavior will NOT be tolerated:

  • Inappropriate language during any Club sponsored events
  • Excessive horseplay or noise in locker room and/or other areas of the YMCA
  • Disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior toward coaches, teammates, competitors, meet officials, YMCA staff or other YMCA members
  • Intentional damage of facility or equipment
  • Theft
  • Violent behavior of ANY kind
  • Cell phone use in the locker room


Practices are the most important part of Swim team. The purpose of practice is to improve the swimmer’s technique, endurance and speed. Attendance is critical to ensure athlete success. During the practice time swimmers should:

  • Be on deck, dressed and ready to swim five minutes before practice
  • Be on time as not to disrupt other swimmer’s training time
  • NOT get in the water prior to practice starting
  • Bring a swim cap, goggles, swimsuit, towel, and a water bottle to each practice
  • Stay for the entire practice session ~ If a swimmer needs to leave early they must notify the coach before practice and preferably an email from parent for safety reasons.
  • Attend the required number of practices for their swim group
  • Not leave anything in the locker room.
  • Use the Boys and Girls locker rooms for changing purposes.


The coaching staff feels strongly that practice attendance demonstrates commitment to the program and is absolutely vital to a swimmer’s success. Swimmers who do not attend practice regularly will experience less achievement. The season start in September for all groups. Swimmers will be placed into practice groups based on ability. Other factors such as age, emotional and physical development will also be considered. Groupings are not reflective of status or achievement but represent the best learning environment for your swimmer. The decision to place a swimmer in a specific practice group is solely that of the coaching staff.



For swimmers who can swim one length of freestyle and backstroke without stopping. Swimmers must also be able to kick one length of the pool with a kickboard in under 50 seconds. Practice will focus on head position and the kick used in all four of the competitive strokes.

  • Practice twice a week for 45min


For swimmers who can perform all four competitive strokes. Practices will focus heavily on stroke technique, breathing, alignment, kicking, head position and turns.

  • Practice: twice a week for an hour


For swimmers who can perform all four competitive strokes with the appropriate turns with correct breath and hip timing. Practices will focus on developing race strategies (breakouts, turns, starts, and finishes).

  • Practice: Three times a week for an hour


For swimmers who have a competent understanding of race strategy as well as a high level of stroke technique for all four of the competitive strokes. Practices will focus on developing a commitment to endurance training and speed training.

  • Practice: Four times a week for an hour & half

Flying Fish

For swimmers who must have made a commitment to endurance training. Practices will focus on preparing swimmers for the achieving National goals.  Swimmers will be expected to be a positive role model in and out of the pool for other Metro North swimmers.

  • Practice: Five times a week for an hour & half
  • Dry Land: strongly encouraged, signups are by session

 High School Swimmers

Will be placed in either the Fish or Flying fish group during their time off from their high school season. These swimmers return to team after their high school swim team commences.


Swim Meet Expectations for Swimmers and Parents

  • Swimmers are expected to be on time for swim meets
  • Swimmers are expected to encourage and support all other athletes regardless of team
  • Swimmers are expected to be prepared with extra sets of goggles and swim caps
  • Please inform coaches of illness/emergencies as soon as they occur
  • Parents are NOT allowed on deck unless they are volunteering
  • Parents should refrain from speaking to on deck officials. Please find a Metro North Coach if you have a questions.

Before Swim Meets

  • Register for swim meets BEFORE the entry deadline.
  • Swimmers who are not signed up on time will not be allowed to swim

During Swim Meets Please bring the following to meets:

  • Swim cap (at least 2)
  • Team swim suit
  • Goggles (at least 2 pairs)
  • Towels (more than one)
  • Dry clothing
  • Foot wear
  • Water bottle
  • Swimmers need to be at the meet 15 minutes before warmup


The team hosts a banquet at the conclusion of the fall/winter season in April. The banquet is a chance to celebrate and reflect on the accomplishments made by our entire team including our parents, coaches and most importantly swimmers. All swimmers and their family members are invited to attend the event. A fee is charged to cover the cost of food. Other social events will be scheduled throughout the season. The club has a Holiday party where we participate in games and bond with one another. Dates for these events will be announced throughout the season.


Volunteering is a great way to understand how a swim meet and the Metro North team function. All parents are required to volunteer at our YMCA swim meets. If their child participates in US Swimming parents are expected to volunteer at a USA swim meet as well. Other opportunities also exist for parents to help with the team. Please let the coaches know if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Timing or officiating at meets (training is provided)
  • Record keeping
  • Special event planning

Periodically we will hold parents meetings to keep everyone involved and informed about the club.


Coaching Staff will primarily correspond with parents and swimmers club via email. Deadline oriented information will be posted on Team Unify and sent in an email.


All swim team participants MUST be full members throughout the duration of the swim season.  Participation Fee (Fall/winter only) is based on the group assigned.   Swimmers will purchase team bathing suits, swim caps and t-shirts. Date and time to purchase team gear will be announced during the season.


The team will compete in dual leagues:  YMCA and USA meets.  At YMCA invitations, swimmers will have a chance to swim to gain points for their team. Meets are typically held on weekends last about 4 hours, and are divided by age group. USA Swimming Swimmers on the Metro North team can participate in the USA Swim League by registering to be a part of the league and paying a registration fee.

YMCA and USA Championships require a qualifying time. If a swimmer qualifies they should try to attend the championship meet. Meet Age Group Criteria Swimmers will compete against other swimmers in their own age group. Occasionally groups will be combined in order to save time at a swim meet. A swimmer’s age determines the age group that swimmer will compete in for the meet.