Corporate Wellness Program

The Y believes that healthy, happy people are good employees. Our Workplace Wellness Program makes it easier than ever for your employees to be active, healthy and more productive.

Benefits of Healthy Employees

Employees are the most valuable assets to any company. Organizations that value and promote a healthy lifestyle have an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining key people. Plus, companies enjoy a variety of additional benefits of healthy employees, including: Increased Morale, Productivity & Retention Physical activity improves moods and energy and decreases stress and anxiety. Active employees feel good about themselves and their work.

Our Corporate Wellness Program

Healthy Beginnings Partnership (Level 1)
  • Two-week membership for employees to try the Y
  • 50% off the joiner fee (where applicable)
Healthy Steps Partnership (Level 2)
  • Two-week membership for employees to try the Y
  • 50% off joiner fee (where applicable)
  • 10% off the monthly membership dues
  • Program requires participation of at least 10 employees


For more information about our Corporate Wellness Program Program please click HERE or contact your nearest location to enroll!