It’s that time of year again, race season is almost upon us!  What better way to take advantage of longer days than getting outside for a walk or run?  Some of us may be dusting off our running shoes that have been cast aside in the back of the closet during a long winter.  As we start to train again for upcoming 5Ks, or longer distances, it is important to keep in mind the benefits of other workouts to incorporate in a training plan.  We compiled our top reasons cross-training will help you run your best 5k:

Prevent Injuries

If you’re a beginning runner your body isn’t used to the repetitive impact of running. You can get big benefits from cross-training workouts to help lower the risk of injury to your ankles, knees, and back.

Develop Flexibility

Stretching before or after a run and participating in group exercise classes, like yoga, can increase flexibility. Increased flexibility in the muscles can help runners with distance running and long-term injury prevention.

Break Up the Routine

Changing it up can renew your motivation and keep your workouts exciting and fresh!

Build Endurance

Engaging in other types of fitness, like classes at the Y, can be great
cross-training to build up cardio endurance and increase the distance you are able to run.

Improve Overall Strength

Cross-training balances strength in unbalanced muscle groups and can improve overall strength in running muscles.