The YMCA of Metro North is grateful for Big Shine Energy’s support as a Gold World Traveler sponsor for the Where is the World event! Being known for its Approaching Zero campaign toward zero carbon emissions, Big Shine Energy is an energy conservation company that seeks to foster an improved global environment with efficient lighting and HVAC solutions. They envision a sustainable future where everything they use is powered with renewable energy. Big Shine Energy is taking immediate action to approach a carbon-neutral future by supplying LED lighting technologies as well as advanced HVAC systems and maintenance to begin reducing carbon emissions in high-output facilities.
With the support of its parent company, LED manufacturer Big Shine LED, Big Shine Energy is accomplishing its goals toward a greener world through its complete turnkey solution. This allows them to develop real world lighting solutions based on customer feedback, from product design to installation. In addition, they are able to work with local incentive companies, walking their customers through available programs that provide rebates to aid in green projects such as LED retrofits. As part of Big Shine Energy’s efforts, their goal in 2017 is to reduce 20,000,000 kWh—an energy reduction equivalent to removing 14,056 tons of CO2 emissions, removing 2,969 cars from the road, and planting 13,305 acres of US forests. As of July 2017, they have achieved 76% of their goal. This means a brighter, cleaner future for today’s youth in whatever part of the world they live in. The YMCA of Metro North appreciates Big Shine Energy’s efforts and support through their sponsorship, working towards the same goal.

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