Join the Challenge Monday October 14th – Sunday October 27th

No More Sweet Stuff!

  • Lose unwanted pounds
  • Eliminate energy spikes and crashes throughout the day
  • Reduce or eliminate your cravings for sweets
  • Improve your overall health and resistance to disease and illnesses

FREE for YMCA of Metro North Members! $10 for non-members.

Please note you must attend a seminar to participate in the challenge!

Kick the Sugar Challenge

Did you know that sugar has been linked to:

      • Elevated triglycerides, increased LDL & VLDL (“bad” cholesterols), lowered HDL (“good” cholesterols)
      • Hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome and ultimately, diabetes
      • An increased rate of aging
      • A vicious cycle of sugar cravings, which can negatively affect mood and lead to depression
      • Several types of cancer
      • Headaches

This program is for you if:

      • You’re a healthy adult over 18 or joining the program with a parent
      • You have no known medical conditions
      • You’re tired of quick fix diets and are looking for a lasting lifestyle change
      • You hate counting calories


For questions about the Kick the Sugar Challenge please contact Clinical Nutritionist, Olga Arnold at