It is time to start training for the first 5k of the YMCA of Metro North Series! Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Discuss your fitness goal with your physician.  Make sure you let him/her know you are planning on walking or running a 5k.
  • Gear up!  It is not all about how you look but make sure you have comfortable, flexible clothing.  In addition, pay attention to the fabric of the gear.  Cotton will hold the moisture which is not ideal in the winter weather.
  • Invest in a comfortable pair of running shoes.  For about $75, you should be able to find an “entry level” runner shoe.  Be sure to consult an expert when it comes to sizing as your foot will move during running.  YMCA of Metro North members receive a 15% discount at Marathon Sports.
  • Limber up!  Stretch your major muscle groups.  Consult with a Y fitness staff person for ideas!
  • Get Started!  New to running?  Start with a 10-minute walk/jog.  Jog between two telephone poles and then walk for double the distance.  Do this for 10 minutes, longer if you feel up to it.   Repeat this work out until it feels comfortable, then reverse it so you are running the distance between 4 poles and walking the distance between 1.
  • Practice, practice, practice, it will get easier!
  • Stretch and rest at least 2 days a week when getting started.

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2019 YMN Road Race Series Dates

Saugus Family YMCA Not a Walk in the Park 5k April 27th at 9:00am
Lynn YMCA Stride Along the Tide 5k May 18th at 8:30am
Torigian Family YMCA Beat the Heat 5k July 11th at 6:00pm
Melrose Family YMCA Spooky Sprint 5k October 26th at 8:30am