IMG_7159The Saugus Family YMCA is an organization that has truly been a blessing in our lives. As a single, working mother of a 14 year-old boy with Down Syndrome (as sweet as he is!) it pretty much becomes imperative that I be present at three different locations at the same time. In this whole hustle-bustle of livelihood that a single parent has to cope with, it’s possible that children-unfortunately end up getting a raw deal.

Thankfully, for me, and my son, belonging to the Saugus Y has alleviated so many situations that could otherwise remained impossible to handle. The Saugus Y helped me raise my child with all the love and care he deserves. I must elaborate a bit on the different ways the Y has impacted out lives and to show how their role in the community has influenced so many.


  • My normal routine would be to pick up my son after work, but when he turned 13, he stopped qualifying for care at the Y. Thankfully, the empathetic Y staff so poignantly understood my situation and has allowed him to stay there for an extra two years so I could work and support him.
  • A Down Syndrome child is usually a happy child, but it is also essential that he/she is continuously engaged socially and develops healthy relationships. The Y provides an exceptional service by making various instructors, mentors, peer and programs available to my son. Each day he comes home with a new song from his lips, a new word, or phrase that I haven’t heard him speak before. I know that the good people of the Y and the friends there, have helped him make a positive impact that day.
  • The sheer excitement he shows when going to the Y is something you have to see to believe! Many weekends I have to hold him back from wanting to go to the Y. He truly love it.

In all, its been 6 continuous years now. My family members and friends have noticed how smart and agile my son has become. They often make comments about how well he is doing. I will always remember and be thankful of the great role the Y has played in both my life and my son’s. #membersofymcametronorth