Saugus Y Academy Early Learning Program

As a youth development leader, the YMCA of Metro North designed its Y Academy Early Learning and Out-of-School Time programs to provide unique, enriching experiences that spark children’s imagination and curiosity while supporting their academic, physical, and social development. From infants to toddlers, preschool to after school and beyond, the Y Academy encourages children of all ages to excel on their educational and developmental journeys.

The Y Academy in Saugus offers its signature Early Learning and Out-of-School Time programs. Each program combines STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum with hands on learning – and the physical and social activities that are hallmarks of the Ys youth programs – for a complete educational experience that focuses on the whole child. Y Academy enrollment offers your child all the developmental tools they need to succeed with all the benefits of membership to the Y. This includes access to swimming, youth sports, and enrichment classes and discounts on YMCA of Metro North summer day camps.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7:30am-5:30pm

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Early Learning Program (age 2.9- age 6)

Y Academy Early Learning preschool programs equip your child with the essential intellectual building blocks for future academic success and preparation for kindergarten. Teachers ensure your child has independent and group activities, STEAM-based curriculum, and sensory play as well as plenty of physical activity to develop healthy habits.

Your Child's Experience

The Y Academy facility in Saugus includes indoor and outdoor play spaces, and access to the YMCA’s gymnasium, gymnastics center, and seasonal pools and splash pad. Seasonal swim instruction is included in the tuition. Your child’s daily schedule is filled with activities that provide a balanced range of educational and physical activities.

Y Academy teachers are passionate about education. They are certified child care professionals dedicated to nurturing curiosity, inspiring creativity and teaching children how to succeed. Each lesson plan is infused with the Y’s core values of compassion, honesty, respect, and responsibility and accounts for your child’s individual learning needs. Our classrooms are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care and adhere to EEC’s curriculum guidelines.

The Y is So Much More

At the Y, we know that a well-rounded education includes activities that stimulate a healthy body, mind, and spirit. With your enrollment in Y Academy, your child receives a free Youth membership to the YMCA with access to preferred pricing and priority registration on programs and summer day camps across the YMCA of Metro North branches. You can opt to extend those privileges and more to your entire family by joining the YMCA as Family members. When you join as a family, you will save the price of your child’s Youth membership from your family membership, a savings of up to 20% off. Membership at the YMCA gives you unlimited access to group exercise classes, gym time, family swim, special events, and so much more.

Financial Assistance

Everyone belongs at the Y. Financial assistance is available to qualified Y Academy applicants. This is possible thanks to the many generous donors who donate to the Y’s Annual Campaign. Financial assistance is also available through state child care circuit vouchers for those who qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your weekly program offerings?
Students who attend the Y Academy can elect to register for a 2,3, or 5 day program.  Our 2 day program runs on Tue/Thu, 3 day program runs Mon/Wed/Fri, and 5 day program runs Monday-Friday each week.

How do I pay tuition?
We offer an auto draft payment option that bills every Friday for the upcoming week.  All families are required to opt-in to auto draft at the time of registration.

Do you offer financial assistance at the YMCA?
Yes, we have a scholarship program that we call “ACCESS”.  To apply, simply fill out an application at the Welcome Center and provide us with your two most recent paystubs for each adult in the household as well as your most recent tax return.

What are your program hours?
The Y Academy Early Learning Program runs from 7:00a.m.-6:00p.m Monday through Friday.  There is a set rate per day, but you may choose the length of time your child will attend the program.  Academics start at 8:30am each day and we recommend that all children are dropped off by 10:00am.

Are enrichment classes included in my tuition fee?
Throughout the school year we include a variation of different activities for the children. Some examples are gymnastics, mini all stars and music and movement.  Each summer the children are provided swim lessons in our outdoor pool twice a week and free time at our outdoor splash pad.

Are meals included in my tuition fee?
The Y Academy does not provide food. We ask that parents provide two snacks, lunch and a refillable water bottle. Warm food should be packed in a thermos and cold food needs an ice pack. We are a nut free facility and we do not allow candy at our location. All choking hazard type foods (example grapes and hotdogs) need to be cut into bite size pieces.

What paperwork needs to be completed to enroll in Y Academy?
To begin registration please complete an enrollment packet and provide a current physical, immunizations, lead test result and current photo of your child.

Please let us know if your child has an allergy or medical issue such as asthma or Epi-pen.  We have a medical history form that we will ask you and your doctor to complete for our records.

Parent Testimonials

Read about the experiences that real parents have had with their children attending our Y Academy Early Learning Program at the Saugus Family YMCA!

“I chose this Y for  the closeness to home. I’m more than grateful that it is so close. I’m EXTREMELY happy with all the teachers and staff. My daughter has thrived and looks forward to coming to school. She has been to other sports and cried when I left. Today, she has no problem saying “Goodbye.” Michelle has always been there for any concerns or questions.  I would highly recommend this Y to anyone. I am very impressed with everything about the Y in Saugus. Looking forward to many years here.”
Rita Fenton

“After touring a handful of preschools, we settled on the Y Academy for a couple of reasons. First –  it was very affordable. Second – it was a very diverse setting, which is something we felt was important. What we didn’t know at the time was just how caring and helpful ALL of the staff would be. I have witnessed so many times over the last 2 years a willingness by the staff to provide all kinds of individual attention to the kids. The staff goes out of their way daily to ensure that each child feels safe, secure, and cared for. I cannot express enough how lucky we feel to be enrolled at the Y Academy!!”
Lynn Tall

“When I first started looking for a child care facility, I was very cautious. As a new mother, I wanted my child to feel comfortable, as well as I need to feel ok leaving my child all day. I went for a visit and decided that the YMCA in Saugus would be the best for my child. She started going to the program at almost 3 years old. I loved her teachers, and she honestly loved going to daycare every day. They are great with teaching your child all the curriculum for their age group, and making sure that they are right on track. After my child was old enough to start public school, I decided to keep her in the YMCA for the kindergarten program. Her transition was smooth sailing, as I know sometimes going from a daycare to a school setting can be difficult. The teachers, as well as the director at the YMCA are so hands on and they really make sure that your child is learning and adapting properly. The YMCA has been with me all the way. My child has grown from a toddler, to now next year she will be in 1st grade. I’m so happy that I chose the YMCA in Saugus.
The love that my child received every day from the teachers and students is amazing. Till this day, she loves going to school and that’s all because of the Saugus YMCA. Now she is going to the 1st grade, and I know she will be ready to handle everything that comes her way. While my child attends the Saugus YMCA, I am always at ease because I know she is good hands. Besides the great school academics, they have a great summer program for kids. They can learn to swim, they have a splash pad, and an outside area. They take the kids to a weekly gymnastics class as well. Their staff have become like my second family. I always recommend the Saugus YMCA to anyone who is looking for child care.”
Stephany Flaquer

“If you are a working parent(s) there is no better place than the Y in Saugus. Michelle Barretto and Mrs. Maria are the main reason why we picked this location. We even tried, at some point, to switch to another one closer, but our kids did not want to leave! That itself was good enough for us to keep them.  Flexible plans, good locations!”
Yamen Dallaji

“Having three young children, and embracing my single parent status, I was really desperate to find a childcare solution that didn’t leave me feeling nervous or worried about the common motherhood feelings of guilt that come along with dropping your children off with strangers and working all day. Not only that, but I had 3 year old twins enrolled in a daycare location in one city, my oldest in kindergarten in another city, while attending the YMCA out of school program in yet a third city. Needless to say, my days were extremely stressful, and in order to scrape by, I had to hire a part time helper to pick up the twins, while I collected my oldest.
One day, upon picking up my oldest, I saw a sign mentioning the YMCA Education Programs. Upon inquiring, I learned with excitement that they offered Pre-K and daycare. I immediately applied, and my twins were accepted. My life changed so much for the better, just in the simple fact, that I had one location to drop off and pick up all three of my wee ones. My life became less stressful and more manageable.
Over the next year, under the tutelage of the teachers at the YMCA, and all the staff, my children developed a fondness for the Y that almost can’t be described. They and I became a part of the Saugus YMCA family because that’s  what they are, a family. My twins developed academically at warp speeds, and were truly ready to enter Kindergarten with a thirst for learning that I can only attribute to the Saugus YMCA. To this date, we are all family members and partake in the many program offerings, from Zumba classes and child-watch while I work out, to computer coding, basketball, gymnastics, and art classes. My family thrives in this wonderful program. I can’t thank the Saugus YMCA enough for all that they do.”
Lisa Baiza

“As a first time mom, I’m extremely careful with whom I leave my child. However, on our first day of orientation with Ms. Michelle, I knew right then that this is the place for us. Two years later, and I still feel the same way. My son has learned great social and cognitive skills, thanks to the amazing teachers and staff, including the wonderful Ms. Diana, Ms. Lydia, Ms. Christ, and Ms. Michelle, just to name a few. Start your kid off on the right track and call to register. The price is extremely reasonable and the schedule is amazing: 7am to 6pm!! I love the Y preschool and my son, Biovany, loves it more.”
Abuline Jaidah

“Since enrolling in Pre-K at the Saugus Y Academy 7 months ago, we have seen our child make incredible progress toward Kindergarten readiness. The teachers and administrators really take the time to get to know each family and foster an open dialogue between parents and staff to ensure the success of each individual child. The Y provides numerous opportunities to learn about diversity in the classroom and participate in enrichment programs including swimming and gymnastics. Overall, the Y Academy has nurtured our son’s emotional, social, and physical development all while providing a fun and safe place for him to grow and learn.”
Christi Cook

“I can truly say that Saugus Family YMCA has been a blessing to my and my four daughters. Yes! All my children passed through Saugus Y, my youngest is still enrolled and will be transitioning toPre-K this fall 2020. A very caring, loving, and most especially, very diverse community. Leaders and teachers show love and attention to their students, they all seem to enjoy what they do. I have always felt comfortable and loved here; if anyone has doubts… just look through the eyes of these children. In my experience with raising four children, if a child is not well loved by their caretakers, they will tell you through their eyes and actions. They make me feel like they are part of my family, and I feel the same too. I highly recommend Saugus Family YMCA to parents who enjoy the care, love, and most especially diversity in a community for their youngsters.”
Grace Adeoye

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