Torigian Y Academy Out-Of-School-Time Program

As a leader in youth development, the Y Academy serves children ages 5-12 on a daily basis providing safe, quality and affordable Out-Of-School-Time care. The Out-Of-School-Time program is staffed with educators who understand the cognitive, physical, and social development of children; and support them in making new connections and trying new things. While in the Out-Of-School-Time program, children learn how to be their best selves and to develop confidence in becoming the responsible and engaged adults of tomorrow.

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About Out-Of-School-Time Program

More than the strength of our curriculum, more than the cleanliness and condition of our facilities and the number of amenities made available to all children enrolled in our program on a daily basis, we consider ourselves most fortunate to have an amazing staff with a passion for education and childhood development – each of whom arrives daily prepared with hand-crafted lesson plans, a positive, nurturing attitude, and a willingness to instill in children both social responsibility and our program’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. We’re taking strides to work directly with children’s parents and teachers alike. As a program, we have resolved to provide parents in-depth written evaluations monthly, which will provide a commentary on their child’s effort level throughout the month, details about the areas in which their children excel, and the areas in which they can improve.

Additionally, we have begun to move forward in our efforts to establish a closer relationship with the schools our children attend, and to set up a program which would more closely align our curriculum with that of our children’s teachers, in order to ensure that the lessons our children are learning in school are the same lessons we can then reinforce in our program. Every child enrolled in the YMCA Out-Of-School-Time program receives a complimentary Youth Membership to the YMCA of Metro North, or an equivalent ($15/month) discount off an existing Family Membership.

Transportation is provided from select schools in Peabody.  Please contact our OST program for more information in regards to transportation.

Hours and Extended Programs
Regular Hours: After School – 6:00pm daily Extended-day and full-day programming: 7:00am-6:00pm during: School Vacation Weeks Snow Days Professional Days Half-day programming is available for early-release days from the end of a child’s school day until 6:00pm. Please note: transportation is provided for extended-day programming, such as an early-release day, but is not provided for full days of care, such as a snow day or a vacation day.

Program Amenities
Groups structured according to age and developmental stage are led through a rotating schedule of four 30-minute blocks designed to promote both physical and academic enrichment across many amenities of the Torigian Family YMCA. Full gymnasium, rock climbing wall, dance studio, computer lab, indoor track, play-field (weather permitting), indoor pool, and comfortable quiet spaces for school work and STEAM activities.

Our programs help to develop the whole child by implementing a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) based curriculum through a hands-on learning experience. Our team of professional educators focuses on developing meaningful relationships with children and their families to foster age appropriate academic and social skills to succeed in school. While in our program children will participate in a variety of engaging activities: Homework, academic support by caring staff to complement their school education. Plenty of physical activity in alignment with the YMCA’s HEPA (Healthy Eating, Physical Activity) standards. Enriching STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) activities. Personal choice time to encourage free play and individual interests.

Physical Activity
The Y Academy believes in the spirit of healthy competition and its associated social benefits like sportsmanship, and children at this time will often elect to play games like dodgeball, soccer, capture the flag, knockout, floor hockey, around-the-world, and pickle! Conscious about other children’s need for less competitive and more physically expressive activities, groups of students are able to participate in other forms of physical activities like choreographing steps to their favorite songs in one of our dance studios during this time.