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Personal Training: Fitness that Fits Your Life

The Y offers flexible personal training packages that fit your life and your budget. Our team of certified personal trainers is available to help you reach your goals with affordable fitness coaching at a time that works with your schedule. One-on-one customized training plans, and exclusive private workout space, will provide the tools to help you grow stronger. The certified instructors at the Y will hold you accountable, motivate you to get results, and help you get the most out of your workouts. See the results, feel the difference with personal training at the Y.

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Meet our Personal Training Team
Melissa Berube- ACE Certified 2014

I enjoy lifting heavy stuff!  My love of fitness inspired me to become a personal trainer six years ago and help others on their fitness journeys.  At the Y, I work primarily with women who are looking to reach their goals safely and effectively through strength training.  As we age, building muscle and strength is increasingly important for injury prevention.  My goal as your trainer is to help you create healthy habits that you can incorporate into workouts to build strength and endurance over time. A session with me won’t even feel like a workout, I assure you my sense of humor makes working out together fun!


Ali DeMeo- ACE Personal Training Certified

I am currently pursuing a degree in Exercise Science and hope to further my education in the field of occupational therapy down the line.  For me, the benefits of fitness have proven to have a positive effect not only on physical health but also the mental health of individuals of all different ages and abilities.  As a collegiate athlete, I’ve experienced rehabilitation firsthand for injuries acquired over the years of playing sports. The trainers I worked with helped me to see exercise as an enjoyable experience, rather than a chore.  The goal I have for all of my clients is to help them see physical fitness in the same way and generate excitement around movement and overall health.


Danielle Harrington- NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Cycle Certified, Group Exercise Instructor Certified.

I truly believe that weightlifting has changed my life for the better and hope to bring the same passion I found through fitness to others, specifically women.  As a mom of two young girls, I have discovered that weight training is the key to growing stronger and healthier. My journey with the YMCA started as a Group Exercise Instructor three years ago, and this year I became a certified personal trainer so I can continue helping meet their personal fitness goals. Weightlifting can be intimidating when you are starting out, that is where I come in.  It is my job to guide you through safe and effective 1:1 sessions each step of the way to a healthier you.


Deborah Medur- NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, USWFA Certified Water Fitness Instructor, Certified Chair Yoga Instructor, ASFA Cycling Instructor, TRX Qualified Suspension Training.

As a personal trainer, my top priority has always been to help clients reach their personal fitness goals.  I have 15 years of personal training experience and have worked at the Torigian YMCA as a trainer since 2003.  Each of my training sessions consists of different techniques tailored to the individual’s lifestyle and tailored to fit their needs.  When I’m not training, you can find me teaching Cycle, Tabata, and Stay Fit for Seniors at the Y.  No matter your age or ability, train with me if you’re looking to achieve your fitness goals.


Emily Milewska- ACE certified personal trainer, ACE weight management specialist.

I customize my training style to fit each individual’s goals whether they are looking to lose weight, gain strength, or build endurance.  My goal is to mix up every session to make it new and exciting for clients using a mix of strength training and HIIT workouts.  In the two years I have been a certified personal trainer at the Y, I have worked with people of all ages helping them get the most out of their workouts.


Francis Walsh – American Council on Exercise Personal Training Certification.

While I am newly certified as a Personal Trainer, I have over 5 years of experience working for the YMCA of Metro North in a variety of different roles across YMCA of Metro North branches.  When I am not working at the YMCA, I am attending the University of Connecticut virtually and pursuing my degree in Exercise Science.  For my entire life, health and wellness have been a priority including team sports, running, and strength training.  I grew up in a household that emphasized the importance of physical activity and I want to help other people find this same passion through movement.  Not only will I help you reach your goals, but we’ll also make working out fun!

Federico Anthonys – ISSA certification, focused on Full-Body Strength Training, and powerlifting, se habla Espanol.

I was first introduced to lifting when I was 14 years old, which became very beneficial for playing sports. Over the years I have found that building strength can also build confidence, a strong mindset, and a sense of accomplishment. Weight training can seem intimidating when you first start off, but with the right guidance, it is a key component in day-to-day tasks. I believe in teaching the core movements such as squats, deadlifts, presses to create a well-rounded physique. I tell my clients we need to train with purpose and with a goal in mind.


Paul Benincasa – NASM certified Personal Trainer, with a focus in martial arts

I’ve been training in the martial arts for nearly 25 years, with an em- phasis on practical self-defense. Every class I teach is structured for the first time student but still challenging for advanced practitioners. The goal is always to create a safe, non- competitive environment for learning. As I get older I find less importance in exercise for aesthetic reasons and more to improve mobility and overall health. Many of us spend too much of our day stuck behind a desk. I’m excited tohelp my clients regain mobility and vitality for everyday activities!


Brandon Brito – ACE certified Personal Trainer, ACE Sports Performance Specialist, with a focus on athletic and sport-focused training, full-body conditioning

My training style is intense, but versatile, meaning I can adjust to the needs of my client! When it comes to athletes, I believe in training at the speed of your sport. You can expect a rigorous training regimen with plenty of functional fitness, weightlifting, speed, agility, and sport- specific drills! I have a long history of playing varsity sports at a high level, (particularly football). I’m also a Middle School Health Teacher, Assistant High School Football Coach, and Amateur Filmmaker. I currently play Semi-Pro Football for the MetroWest Badgers. When I’m not playing football, I’m at the court playing pickup basketball!


Christian Chapilliquen– American Academy of Personal Training, NASM certified Personal Trainer, se habla espanol

I specialize in Strength and Conditioning and Sport Performance. Being a professional Personal Trainer is interesting and fun because you meet new people with different fitness goals. My goal is to help you achieve and unlock your fitness potential. The healthier you Look, The Better you Feel. Life becomes easier when you’re fit and healthy.


Andrew Dewart- NASM CPT, AAPT Certified. Focused on overall health, corrective exercise, and injury prevention and recovery.

I always enjoyed the lifestyle of staying healthy. Once I learned about becoming a trainer I was very motivated. I love teaching my clients to be safe and confident in their abilities with or without my supervision. My background is in overall health and I specialize in correctional exercises. If there is an issue with somebody’s knees or hips I want to help figure out how I can assist them moving forward.


Ignacio Loyola – WITS Certified Personal Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator, Certified Functional Strength Coach. With a focus on athletic and sport focused training, Functional training for public service and armed forces. Se habla espanol.

After many years of being involved in athletics, coaching, and perusing my own personal love of fitness, I am excited to use my experience and knowledge as a personal trainer to help others on their fitness journey. I have been fortunate to train and coach high school athletes to become scholarship collegiate athletes. However, I love to train any person whether they’re seeking overall health and wellness, are fitness enthusiasts, or are performance athletes. For me, fitness is a lifestyle that benefits you not only physically, but even more so mentally. Let’s share a challenging and enjoyable workout together.

Steve Martin – NETA

I became a trainer through a natural transition from someone who always enjoyed the Gym and overall fitness to helping those to achieve their fitness and overall health goals. I’m an avid runner and triathlete I have run hundreds of local road races ranging for 5k to 50k and also completed The Ironman race. I’ve also been very involved in coaching Lynn girls softball for 15 years, and I also coached the Lynn Classical Girls track team for 7 great years.


Lismar Martinez – ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Certified Nutrition Coach. Focused on nutrition, lifestyle change, healthy body image and positivity. Se habla Espanol

As a personal trainer and a nutrition coach I have focused on meeting the individual where they are and bringing in my knowledge and understanding to help reach fitness and nutrition goals effectively and with confidence. After seeing the negative images portrayed by society about women and our bodies, the decision to try and help destroy unhealthy body myths and perspectives solidified in my mind. My goal is to help others build healthy realistic ideals and relationships with the entirety of their own individual.

Jovani Oliveira-Miranda – WITS Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Applied Stretch Theory, NASM Stretch and Flexibility Coach, with a focus on stretching, mobility, and body conditioning.

Addicted to improvement. I’ve always been passionate about fitness since I was younger, but it wasn’t until learning how to Box for self-defense that put me on my path of self-improvement. That eventually lead me to helping improve others, and I love it. I like to say I am purpose-driven as opposed to profit driven. Principals over profit; I want to help people because it actually gives mefulfillment in life, and it makes me feel like I have a purpose. Even though I started my own business and opened my own fitness studio, I like being at the Y because I also live in Lynn and it beinga “Non-profit” organization aligned perfectly with my values. My favorite thing to do is to transform people into the best version of themselves.


Chris Tognazzi – Health Coach, Zumba Instructor, STRONGNation Instructor. Focused on healthy lifestyle change, finding passion and fun in fitness, providing equitable access to health and wellness resources.

Health means something different to everyone. It could be related to weight, the ability to move without pain, how you feel on a daily basis, or something totally different. I strive to help people find what health truly means to them and how to build it into their daily lives naturally. Health and Fitness shouldn’t be a chore. It should include things you love to do and should be part of your own self-care routine.


Dennis Ventura – Licensed Professional Boxer, Se habla Espanol, with a focus on boxing and conditioning.

I am a professional Boxer with 17+ years of boxing experience. I won the Rocky Marciano Tournament in 2010. I turned professional in May of 2021. I am still currently fighting professionally but I am extremely passionate about the sport and sharing with others. I suffered an injury to my back shortly after winning the tournament and had to step away from the sport. I returned in 2021, 11 years after my last amateur fights. I went from weighing 277 at the start to 230 pounds in 2-3 months by running 3 miles per day and doing boxing workouts. Boxing has saved and changed my health and my life in more than one occasion.

Haley Mate – NASM, Personal Training Certified 

I have always enjoyed being involved in athletics, health, and fitness. I grew up playing a variety of sports. My passion for sports lead me to play lacrosse at Westfield State University. In 2021, I graduated with a degree in Athletic Training. My passion to help others continued to grow in healthcare until I decided to get my personal training certification. Although, I have only just begun my career in personal training, I have a lot of experience in the weight room. I will help you build a program that is fit to your needs and will help you reach your personal goals. It is my goal to educate and motivate you on how you can reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun along the way!



Rachid Elaafer – Personal Trainer Certification, First Aid/CPR/AED, Yoga Certified, TRX Certified, G License (Youth Soccer Coach)

Personal Training, Boxing, Kickboxing, TRX, Yoga, Weight Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Body Weight Exercise, Circuit Training, Flexibility, Self-Defense. With a background in Martial Arts, teaching experience, and a love for fitness, Rachid developed a holistic approach to training clients and helping them reach their fitness goals. He enjoys teaching people of all fitness levels and ages.


Stefanie Graves – NASM, Certified Personal Trainer 2023, ACE, Group Exercise Instructor 2009, Bachelors degree in Exercise Science SSU 2009

I am thrilled to join the YMCA Personal Training Team! My career at the Y began 7 years ago instructing group fitness classes. In 2022 I was promoted to the Health and Wellness Coordinator. My passion for movement started in my younger years with team sports like softball, gymnastics and soccer. My sports background lead me to pursue a degree at Salem State University in Exercise Science. While achieving my bachelor’s degree I competed nationally on their cheerleading team. Nowadays, my extracurricular activities look a bit different and include weightlifting, walking with friends, running 5k road races, chasing after my 5 and 4-year-old children and having dance parties. Just to name a few! I am excited to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness in a one-on-one setting. I truly love educating and motivating others to lead a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to continue to show others that movement can be and should be enjoyable. My approach to training is simple, move better, feel better. Consistency is the key to progress and together we can do this! Let’s start today!


Natalie DeNardo – Master Certified Health Coach

I am very excited to provide health coaching services at the YMCA. As a health coach, I will help you find the motivation that you need to live a healthier lifestyle. We will work together and focus on your strengths in order to achieve your wellness goals. After we create your wellness vision, we can start creating small steps to achieve your goals through weekly action planning. I am different from a personal trainer or nutritionist because I work on goal setting instead of giving specific nutritional or physical activity advice. However, collaboration is key so I can also work closely with other health professionals. I have a background in behavior analysis, and I am a Master Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. I have prior experience coaching members at the YMCA, and I am eager to work with more members of the YMCA. As a mother, I understand how challenging it can be to put your health first, but I believe that with the right tools, your goals can be achieved.


Mia Melendez- BASI Pilates: Completed Foundations and Graduate Comprehensive, Apparatus Teacher Training Programs – Certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates Method Alliance: Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, ACE Certified: Group Exercise Instructor, MELT Method Certified Instructor, Bootybarre: Plus, Flex & Flow, Prenatal & Postnatal, Sculpt & barreless, LIVESTRONG Certified Trainer, Certified Zumba instructor: Basic, Kids, Kids Jr, Aqua.

I am a graduate of Body Arts Science International (BASI) Graduate Pilates Program and a Pilates Method Alliance Nationally Certified Instructor. I have a passion for helping clients find their fit selves after significant life changes like childbirth or illness.  I truly believe in fitness for EVERY body.  You need not be an athlete to be FIT.  Through Pilates, I teach my clients to live more efficiently in their bodies.  We work hard together to build strength in good form and function so when you leave the studio, you will feel FIT and better-abled in your life.  As a MELT instructor,  I utilize the Method to enhance your mobility, stability, and performance.  The MELT Method is clinically proven to reduce persistent pain while easing the mind and restoring overall well-being.  My sessions include a mixture of both Pilates and MELT techniques to help free the body of stress, restore balance, and increase strength, so that you may live your life with joy and ease.


Jeff Dodds – National Personal Training Institute, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Registered Yoga Instructor.

Jeff began personal training after a 43-year career in printing. He is a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute in Waltham and certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Jeff is also a certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance. Jeff enjoys training people of all ages but especially wants to help older folks become healthier and happier in their life. He focuses on balance, flexibility, and strength. Jeff is very excited to be in a field where he can help people reach their personal goals. His love for training has made him an indispensable member of our LiveSTRONG team, and he has brought his skills to remote locations in the community.


Lauren Sanford – ACE Certified Personal Trainer, World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S)

I know how hard it can be to get started, or where to even begin in the weight room, but I am here to help you! I enjoy working with clients to help them reach their individual goals and become happier and healthier in the process. My favorite workouts are built around weight lifting and progressive overload programming to improve overall strength. This will not only help getting stronger in the gym, but fitness that can be used throughout your everyday life.
Through a combination of different exercise techniques and approaches tailored to you individually, it’s my goal that every exercise session is a chance to learn, improve and have fun.


Taylor Boughnou- NASM-CPT, CES certified, FNS Certified, PES certified, WLS Certified.

I bring a lifelong commitment to health and wellness to my training practice.  My approach is using what I know about training with a broad knowledge of health, wellness, and herbal nutrition to provide a comprehensive approach to fitness. I take satisfaction in developing personalized training routines for a wide range of people.  My specialty is in strength and conditioning as well as weight loss and athletic training.  When you train with me I provide you with the tools and accountability to turn your intentions into habits.


David Colarossi 

Respect your hustle! Every ounce of sweat, frustration, and hard work puts you in a position to be your best self. I help my clients reach their full potential in gradual stages of movement. I help set high but realistic goals in strength training, endurance, and overall wellness. As a certified personal trainer and certified health and wellness coach, I train all clients regardless of their experience in the fitness world. I cannot wait to work with you!


Cecily McChalicher-NASM-CPT

I shifted careers to become a certified personal trainer after personally experiencing the transformative power of strength training. The benefits extend beyond physical changes and include increased confidence, more energy, better mental health, and improved overall well being. I’m eager to help you achieve your strength and fitness goals, recognizing that everyone’s goals are different.

When I’m not at the Y, you can often find me on a softball field coaching youth teams or leading pitching clinics. I’m a former collegiate softball player and current Wakefield Youth Softball coach and board member. My athletic and coaching background gives me unique insight into how best to encourage and motivate others to learn new physical skills and meet their goals. I’m also a parent of two, energy efficiency professional, and outdoor enthusiast.

Acea Theroux-NASM-CPT

Acea has been in the fitness industry for over 29 years. He’s certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, has a master’s degree in Psychology and is part of the TRX education team. “I enjoy sharing my expertise and experience to fitness professionals, athletes, colleagues and beginner participants. I use a gracious, knowledgeable, entertaining, direct and clear approach when personal training, coaching or instructing classes or workshops. It is my mission now to provide counseling, training and motivation to all who seek improvement for both the mind and the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with a Personal Trainer?

A Personal Trainer can help you define attainable goals, create a plan to help reach your goals, and work with you through every step of your plan to make sure you effectively and efficiently reach your goals.

How will I choose a trainer?

Read the trainer bios on this page to get to know our Personal Training team. You can request a specific trainer or we can help pick one for you depending on your needs and availability.

How often should I meet with a trainer?

You and your trainer can work out a schedule that best fits your needs at your first appointment together.

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12 Sessions $468.00 $744.00
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Price Per Person
4 Sessions $172 per person
8 Sessions $328.00 per person
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