Arsema- Just Keep Going

Arsema grew up in an immigrant family that instilled responsibility at an early age to benefit the entire family. She was born in Kenya, Nairobi and is the youngest child of 5. Growing up, Arsema was tasked with taking on responsibility that was left behind once her older siblings went to college. Arsema’s first real-life adult inquisition began when she was fourteen, where she got a job to help pay the family bills. With such early experience, she continued to advance her career by working two summer jobs. Arsema also translated for her parents at doctor’s appointments to make sure they got the right medications.  

The Lynn YMCA has always felt like home to Arsema. Not only has she been a member of the YMCA since she was 5 years old, but she works there too. The YMCA has taught Arsema how to hold herself accountable and share with others. If she were to recommend the YMCA to someone, she would tell them about the family-like atmosphere. She has experienced community, mentorship, lifelong connections, and convenience while at the YMCA. Arsema received the Y Champions Scholarship due to her outstanding character and dedication to the YMCA.  

Arsema is now 18 years old and gearing up for the next chapter of her life, college. She is attending Northeastern University majoring in Computer Science and Criminal Justice. While at school, she intends to join the Ujima Global Leaders Program which focuses on developing leaders for an increasingly diverse and complex world. Arsema is most proud of her determined attitude towards life’s challenges, she just “keeps going”. We wish Arsema the best of luck in all her future endeavors. 

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