Family and Household Memberships

Flexible Family Memberships Options.

 The YMCA is introducing more inclusive family and household memberships that include 3 and 4 adult options.
At the Y, we recognize that family units are not a one-size fits all. We are growing and changing with the unique dynamics of the communities we serve to ensure that the Y is place where everyone feels welcome.
3 and 4 adult family memberships provide the flexibility for your extended family to be a part of the Y community at an affordable rate. Family memberships at the Y include all individuals in your household up to age 26 for no additional fee.
Membership Type Age Monthly Rate
1 Adult Family *children up to 26 $78
2 Adult Family *children up to 26 $95
3 Adult Family *children up to 26 $124
4 Adult Family *children up to 26 $148

When you join the Y you belong to a place where:

  • Families come together to have fun and spend quality time with each other.
  • Individuals discover personal strength through exercise and healthy living.
  • Parents find a positive environment for children to learn good values, social skills, and behaviors.
  • Children and teens play, learn who they are and what they can achieve, and are accepted.
  • Adults connect with friends and pursue their interests.
  • Communities thrive because neighbors support each other and give back.
  • We all build relationships that further our sense of belonging and purpose.

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