The Porche family joined the Y soon after moving to Melrose in 2007. At the time Michelle was out of shape and needed to make a change. She started by taking the YMCA Tai Chi classes. This improved her strength, focus, and discipline, which paved the way for other improvements towards a healthy lifestyle.

In 2011 her spouse gave her the present of fitness for Christmas by enrolling Michelle (and her) in the first Team Training Fitness Challenge. The Team Training Challenge was great for the Porche family as both adults lost over 10 pounds that winter and were on the winning team! In 2012, Michelle enrolled in the Team Training Challenge again, and continued to work hard as part of the winning Gold Team.

To date, Michelle runs 5-6 times a week and completes 2-3 half marathons a year as well as 5K races. As a family, they have run in the Melrose Family YMCA Spooky Sprint 5K each year. Their 9-year old son has finished 14 5K races since he started running at age 5 and her spouse has also finished two marathons. They agreed that “maintaining our fitness as a family is the key to their healthy lifestyle.” Michelle’s biggest accomplishment is finishing her first sprint triathlon, the Title 9 Triathlon. “This was, without a doubt, due to the support and encouragement I received from the Melrose Family YMCA fitness staff!” said Michelle. #membersofymcametronorth