The YMCA of Metro North association is hosting a Community Diaper Drive to help local families in need obtain diapers and wipes for their infants and toddlers. Diapers and wipes are a necessity quickly becoming financially out of reach for families in surrounding communities. The association’s branches in Lynn, Melrose, Saugus, and Peabody are asking members and the public to donate by dropping unopened packages of diapers and wipes at any of their locations Monday-Thursday from 8am-12pm. The YMCA will coordinate distribution to people in need.

This collaboration began when Lynn City Councilor Fred Hogan noticed several posts in a Lynn community Facebook group from parents who were desperately in need of diapers. The diaper drive started at the Lynn YMCA and has grown into a regional effort with the YMCAs volunteering as a drop off and pick up location.

“Diapers are a hot commodity to come by right now,” said Andrea Baez, Senior Executive Director, Lynn YMCA. “We are all just trying to collectively do whatever we can for the community. I think tough times are just showing tough people. As traumatizing as this is for people, I think there is a lot of good coming out of it in terms of helping people and the YMCA is happy to be a part of that.”

Several organizations, including the Lynn Public Library, and the Salvation Army of Lynn, have made sizable contributions of diapers. Even with these donations, the diapers are gone almost as fast as they come in. Hogan noted, “One thing we found out is there is more of a need. Every time we collect them, there’s more people who need them.” The Y is keeping a waiting list of those in need.

Donations can be dropped off Monday-Thursday from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. If you or someone you know is in need of diapers, fill out our online form.