The YMCA of Metro North was recently awarded a $5,000 grant from Music Drives Us, to help fund the purchase of new instruments at the Lynn YMCA Music Studio Clubhouse.

Established in 2011, the Music Studio Clubhouse is a free program for youth to get the opportunity to learn music performance and production. In addition to instruction in vocal performance, songwriting, guitar, piano, beatmaking, and music technology the Clubhouse also hosts a professional music studio complete with a control room, vocal booth and live room. The Clubhouse is open daily and has attracted more than 100 kids to its music programming.

“I’m extremely proud to assist the Lynn YMCA Music Studio Clubhouse with new musical instruments for their members to practice and perform with,” said Ernie Boch Jr., Founder of Music Drives Us. “Music makes an extraordinary impact on the lives of young people.”

Music Drives Us is a registered 501(c)(3), New England nonprofit organization supplying grants to music programs designed to effect positive change for people of all ages. MDU seeks out organizations and individuals interested in using music as a tool to better the lives of people in all segments of society.

“We are so excited to receive this grant from Music Drives Us. This is huge for us,” said Helder Tsinine, Director of the Music Studio Clubhouse. “Having these instruments will allow my team to teach more students per class and allow for further progression for current students.”

The grant also enables the Music Studio Clubhouse instructors to offer music lessons to students at Y Academies preschool programs in other YMCA of Metro North locations.

The Studio is due for a significant physical expansion next year thanks to the construction of the new Lynn YMCA Campus, which is currently slated to open in November 2020.