Virtual Y Academy Learning and Family Activities

Educational Activities for Kids and Families

While kids are out of the classroom, it’s important to keep them learning, growing, and engaged. Our Y Academy teachers have compiled a set of educational activities you can use at home.







Keep the learning going while the kids are home from school! Below is a list of free, high-quality learning resources that we encourage you to visit with your child- everything from educational games to virtual tours, and we’ve even included some articles and tips about how to talk to your child about what’s going on. Check back as we will continue to update this list!

Educational Activities:

Online Youth Programming Websites:

Children with Disabilities

Northeast Arc Virtual Playgrounds

Northeast Arc Visiting Services via telehealth (978-921-1182,

STEM Activities:

These fun experiments and activities focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math can be done using everyday objects found around the house!

Grades K-6

Grades K-8

Grades 3-8


Access learning and story time videos:

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