Y Academy – Stoneham


The Stoneham Y Academy offers Early Learning programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and an Out-of-School Time program for school age children. We are committed to providing a safe space for children to grow academically, socially and emotionally, while supporting and strengthening families. Our child care programs are fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education and have received NAEYC accreditation.


Patti Bradley, Child Care Director

Our programs help to develop the whole child by implementing a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) based curriculum through a hands-on learning experience. Our team of professional teachers focuses on developing meaningful relationships with children and their families to foster age appropriate academic and social skills to succeed in school.

Hours of Operation: Monday -Friday 6:30am-6:00pm

Infant (6 weeks - 15 months)
Infants thrive in a safe, nurturing environment surrounded by experienced care givers. Your child will receive individual and customized attention in a warm and stimulating atmosphere to help create a smooth first time away experience for both of you.

Toddler (15 months - 2.9 years)
Our nurturing, personal toddler care is led by experienced staff and promotes social and cognitive development in a safe and age-appropriate environment. Your child will learn important learning skills through play that will build confidence and form a strong foundation for the years ahead.

Preschool (2.9 years - 5 years)
Our preschool program will help your young child learn essential social, physical, and intellectual building blocks for future academic success. A typical day include independent, small group and large group activities, structured and free choice time as well as plenty of physical activity to develop healthy living habits at an early age.

Beyond the Classroom Experience:

  • Dedicated time for music education and interaction.
  • Onsite indoor studio space for physical activities.
  • Onsite enrichment programs available.
  • KidReports communication system which allows our teacher to capture special moments, take photos and videos of your children in action and send daily classroom information via email.
  • Financial Aid available
  • All children receive a youth membership to the YMCA of Metro North!
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Our Active-Afterschool program serves school aged children on a daily basis providing safe, quality and affordable afterschool care. While in the Active-Afterschool program, children receive essential academic support along with age-appropriate health and wellness electives.

Active-Afterschool Program

Out of School Time Hours: Monday -Friday 2:00pm-6:00pm
Ages: 5 – 13

Academic activities include homework and academic support, STEAM enrichment (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and free choice time. Wellness electives include sports, fitness and dance. The program ensures all participants not only complete their assigned homework, but also complete sixty minutes of physical activity each day as recommended by the USA department of health.

• Access to brand new studio space upstairs to promote physical activity!
• Healthy snack provided to align with YMCA HEPA (Healthy Living Physical Activity) standards!
• Dedicated time for STEAM activities, physical activity, and homework support everyday.
• Full-day programming on snow days to provide flexibility to families!
• Access to local parks.
• Financial Aid available!

Vacation Programs

(Kindergarten – 6th Grade)
Full day care is available from 8:00am to 6:00pm on most school holidays and school vacation periods for the children enrolled on those days. This and extended care on early release days included in the monthly fee. School cancellation days are offered in a limited capacity for an additional fee.

Transportation is provided to the program from the following Stoneham Public Schools:

  • South
  • Colonial Park
  • Robin Hood
  • Central
  • Middle School
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